Size: 46cm by 61cm
Medium: Oil on Oil Paper and Canvas
Date: 18th May 2014

 A collection of perspectives stirred by the disabled.

This is the first of a trinity of pieces that symbolizes my transforming outlook on the desire for perfection, inspired by my mentally disabled sister.

The ideology of perfection is one that we all crave but are not all lucky to have. In this piece, we see a flawless set of organs in a human torso, painted in the healthiest shades of pink and red. Furthermore, they have gloss and shine to make them extremely desirable to the beholder.

The painting is partially concealed by a rigid and cage-like canvas cutout, which emulates the human skeleton. It separates the organs from the viewer’s gaze, making it harder for the viewer to see it in its entirety without peering through the canvas.

This concept of trying to obtain something that one cannot have, such as how the viewer cannot comfortably interact with what lies behind the canvas is an idea ignited by my mentally disabled sister. She is unable to make it through the day without jerks in her brain that in turn cause a physical reaction in her body often causing her to fall down. Through this piece I want to stimulate the feelings of being trapped behind a barrier, like how my sister is trapped within a body that limits her abilities. 
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