Size: 56.4cm by 80.3cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Date: 24th October 2013

“You are 15% Gujarati and 35% Singaporean.” A friend once commented upon realizing I didn’t attend many of the Guajarati festivals or speak Singlish even though I am a Singaporean citizen and originally from Gujarat. This line lingered in my thoughts as I wondered, what am I?

This inspired me to create a piece that shows the various dimensions and transparencies captured within myself, that give me my identity. I tackled this through the style of cubism, an abstract representation of various viewpoints, which deals with the idea of reducing objects. Picasso’s use of colour to symbolize his emotions emboldened me to use a widened pallet. The most widely used colour is blue, inspired by Picasso’s “Blue Period.”. Other influences include cubists such as Gino Severini and Morgan Russell.
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