Size: 31cm by 41cm (x2)
Medium: Canvas
Date: 21st April 2014

The relationship between the mind and emotion

A collection of perspectives stirred by the disabled.

This is the second of a trinity of pieces that symbolizes my transforming outlook on the desire for perfection, inspired by my mentally disabled sister. This is how I view her condition.

Attention, perception, memory and the ability to deal with distress are all a result of the relationship between the heart and the brain. The communication between these two organs is ceaseless and extensive, stimulating things like the root of our emotional sensations.

Even though my sister's mind works on a comparatively lower level to me, she is still the most kindhearted and lively person I know. I aim to show the relationship between her loving heart and debilitated brain with the use of canvas cut-outs. The choice to use this technique sprouted from my readings of the intertwined and seemingly disarrayed pathways of nerve fibers that carry critical information between the two organs.

In the cut-out brain, one can observe shapes in the form of triangles and quadrilaterals, revealing the immaturity of her brain. This is contrasted with quadrilaterals, pentagons and hexagons in the cut-out heart to show that her heart works on a much more complex level.

"Simplicity is refining and being able to define the very essence of what something does." Jonathan Ive, the Senior Vice-president of Design at Apple Inc, inspired me on how to execute the meaning behind my piece and impact upon the viewer. Taking on such emotionally nebulous material about my sister's disability, to find a way to engage the viewer in her story of an immature brain and complex heart in a simplistic manner was an artistic challenge.
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