Size: 132cm by 170 cm
Medium: Wood, wool and Light
Date: 12th September 2014

A collection of perspectives stirred by the disabled.

This is the third of a trinity of pieces that symbolizes my transforming outlook on the desire for perfection, inspired by my mentally disabled sister and how she may view her own condition.

Why is being self-sufficient so important in the pursuit of perfection? Through this piece I question and contradict my assumptions in my pieces, “Utopian” and “The relationship between emotion and the mind,” by looking at my sister’s condition from a different perspective.

Is my older sister in a constant state of bliss is because she does not see herself as disabled? Perhaps instead of looking at her inability to carry out daily function as a disadvantage, this piece celebrates the various functions that she is able to carry out. I have done this by recreating an abstract model of nerve fibers by crocheting wool. The long and threadlike fibers carry essential information to various parts of the mind allowing the body to perform. For example, yellow- orange coded fibers in the brain hold information related to language.

Integrated into these woolen fibers are a string of lights that shine in varying patterns, highlighting my shift to a more positive outlook on my sister's condition.
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