Size: 126.5cm (Circumference)
Medium: Acrylic paint on Wood
Date: 29th August 2014

In the summer of 2013, I traveled to San Francisco for a vacation and explored the Muir Woods Redwood Forest. I saw the bottom of a massive tree lying parallel to the ground, as shown in the picture below. On the surface of the tree were numerous imperfect, concentric lines. Each line varying in thickness, darkness and pathway. These fluid and organic lines are almost a mirror of nature’s origination.
This was a significant discovery as I am a from Singapore, a city where I mainly observe buildings, which have perfectly constructed edges. To show this difference between natural and human development, I used a slice of a tree trunk from San Francisco that I polished and painted. I juxtaposed the organic, monotone lines of the tree with artificial, brightly coloured lines of acrylic paint. The significance of the light in the center of the piece is to emphasizes the contrast in the lines. 
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