Size: 124cm by 165cm
Medium: Wool
Date: 23rd May 2014

Liz Murray, a homeless teenager desperate for an education was motivated by the kindness of strangers, one of whom knitted her a blanket with a note saying, “May you warm yourself knowing that people care about you.” This ultimately led her to Harvard University and inspired me to learn to crochet a blanket, 6 years later with a similar message. I am creating awareness about the homeless, especially since it is rare to see homeless people along the streets of Singapore. The woolen blanket is a host of meaningful colors: cool shades of blue and brown, coupled with vibrant shades of red and orange. One cannot escape blue as it the colour of the purest sky and sea. Brown soothes portraying a strong foundation, such as the Earth’s soil and tree’s roots. The red and orange introduce warmth and energy into the blanket. The binding knots and inviting colors let the homeless know that there are warmhearted people out there who care about them.
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