Size: 91.5cm by 61cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Date: 12th September 2012

“Smoke and mirrors,” is a common metaphor used to show deception. It came from the use of smoke and mirrors by fraudulent magicians to allure unsuspecting people. The media carries out the same tricks to fool people into thinking in certain ways. I have created a painting with curdles of smoke coating the very essence of the air we breathe. Purple is the most powerful visible wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum, hence I have used it in this piece. In the center of the painting lies the portrait of a girl disintegrating into the background. She is not only breathing in the contaminated air, but exhaling it as well by smoking a cigarette. This is one of the many examples of media influence as smoking kills yet it is marketed with images of “rugged individualism,” “living in the moment” and “escape from urban modernity.”
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