An exploration of computer generated art created through the use of p5.js, and Java
An interactive website created with p5.js that show 100 ellipses of random size and color, moving in random direction and speed. When the user clicks on the mouse anywhere on the screen, the background refreshes displaying a randomly generated color and restarts the artwork. 
 An exploration of using P3D to create 3D graphics on a 2D surface. This artwork shows multiple cubes on the center of the screen that are constantly rotating on the x, y and z axis. Using the lerp function, the color changes depending on the mouse position. When the mouse is at the extreme left of the screen, ellipses appear to float across the screen and if the mouse is on the right, lines appear. When the mouse is pressed, the color of the cubes change, as well as the camera perspective. 
An array of ellipses and a play of opacity reveals the colorful pattern below a black screen every time the 
mouse hovers over it. 
Inspired by 10-print, a grid of triangles change color depending on the position of the mouse. A grid of circles is placed on top of this and change size based on mouse position. 
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