For this piece, I did not measure time depending on where the hands of a clock were pointing or with the shadows casted upon objects by the sun. I measured time using the changes in the pedestrian traffic light. I positioned myself by the junction and stood stationary, while watched the other side of the street, observing people’s behaviors and actions. I chose the Bergdorf Goodman building for two reasons. I wanted a place that was really crowded and vibrant because that has always been my perception of New York. The other reason is because the Bergdorf Goodman building reminds me of home as my house in Singapore is on Goodman road. I took multiple pictures and color coded them into four colors- blue, green, yellow and magenta. Each colour represents a different time and the different people in that area at the specific moment. The aim of this piece is to show the constant flow of people of different ethnicities, ages and backgrounds and categorizing them into the various time that they entered the space. 

Blue —> Time 1
Green —> Time 2
Magenta —> Time 3
Yellow —> Time 4
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